Supporting Belltree Music Therapy CIC

Supporting Belltree Music Therapy CIC

On Saturday, we journeyed down to Hove to pass on the first Chapman Guitars Prototype to Belltree Music Therapy CIC. We met Tina Warnock, music therapist and Head of Service, to hear all about the good work that Belltree does for Hove and the surrounding communities. It goes without saying that we had a fascinating conversation regarding the direction that music therapy is going in the wake of Covid-19 and learned a great deal about how music can change the lives of so many people in need. Our meeting was recorded by our friends and Community Partner, Straydog Pictures Ltd, and it will be released soon for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you for hosting us, Tina. We hope your clients love the Chapman Guitar and that it provides a new way to make a powerful musical connection!

We wouldn’t be able to keep supporting great causes without the help of our amazing sponsors and membership base. Thank you to all of our members and donors for helping us help others, you are the lifeblood of our organisation. Thank you to Chapman Guitars for providing us with exceptional prototypes to pass on, nothing beats a high-quality instrument in deserving hands.

If you would like to support our organisation’s mission of doing good through music, please consider signing up to become a member at only £5 a month. Membership grants you access to exclusive online content, allows you to interact with like-minded people on our forum and gives you discounts with our Community Partners. You can sign up for membership here:


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