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Join us and get involved, we need you.

We'd also like to extend a warm welcome to all who have visited this page due to our collaboration with Rob Chapman. Thank you for coming, we invite you to join as a member of The Alliance and help us do good through the magic of music!

Become an Ally with monthly Membership

When you become an Ally through our monthly membership service, you open the door to numerous individual benefits. You will receive a unique Ally Member ID, accessible on your computer or your phone via this site. Use your Ally Member ID as proof of your membership to claim your benefits – all the while knowing that you are supporting our cause!

Benefits for our Allies

the musical community alliance


Claim exclusive discounts with our partnering brands. You can see our partners on the Community Partners page, be sure to keep an eye on it for updates!

the musical community alliance

Exclusive Access

Gain access to our Ally Cinema to view content reserved for our members. You will also get the ability to participate in the Alliance Forum, so sign up and join the discussion now!

the musical community alliance

Offers on Branded Events

Get discounted or even free access to our events. We love to put on a fundraiser with on-demand artists, and your Ally Member ID will get you in for less.

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