What's our Mission?

We are The Musical Community Alliance, a regulated not-for-profit that strives to create and support projects that do good through the power of music.

As a community-based initiative, we believe in bringing people together to identify opportunities to do good and raise awareness for the big issues. Whether it’s  providing equipment to musical education institutions, or supporting well-being services such as music therapy, we have the power to make real change with your help. You can join us in our cause by becoming an Ally through our monthly membership program, or by sending us a personal donation online. We believe in harnessing the power of music, whatever form it takes.

"We believe in harnessing the power of music, whatever form it takes."
Alex Berdugo
Chief Executive

How are we involved in your area

the musical community alliance

Join The Alliance

Support the community today by donating or by joining as an Ally with our membership service. Get exclusive benefits while you help the cause!

the musical community alliance

Truly Not-For-Profit

Funds raised are channelled into our cause, meaning that your donations and generosity really makes a difference.

the musical community alliance

One Purpose

We exist to do good through music. Get in touch via our Contact page to have your say.

the musical community alliance


While we have humble beginnings, we aim to help the community worldwide and partner with international brands to provide benefits for our Allies.

Your donation is appreciated

Every donation we receive is channelled into the spread of our projects in the community.

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