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Get involved and help us support great causes through the power of music!

What's our Mission?

We are The Musical Community Alliance, a regulated non-profit that strives to provide support and funding for great musical causes worldwide. As a community interest company, our cause is our focus. All of our profits are used to continue our mission and improve the wellbeing of musicians across the world, whether through providing equipment musical education institutions, or donating to wellbeing services such as music therapy. You can join us in our cause by becoming an Ally through our annual membership, or by sending us a personal donation online.

the musical community alliance
"As a community interest company, our cause is our focus"
Alex Berdugo
Chief Executive

How are we involved in your area

the musical community alliance

Join The Alliance

Why not consider becoming an Ally? There are a great benefits plus you get the peace of mind that you’re helping us further the mission!

the musical community alliance

Truly Non-Profit

All profits are channelled into our cause, meaning your donations and support really make a difference.

the musical community alliance

One Purpose

We are you – we’re passionate about our mission because we serve the interests of other just like ourselves.

the musical community alliance


Not just local, we’re global! We further causes through our partners internationally. Your support goes a long way.

Your donation is appreciated

Every donation we receive is channeled into the spread of our projects in the local community.

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