Our Launch Event Success

Our Launch Event Success

We are blown away by the reception to our launch event last night! A huge thank you to everyone who came to watch the bands perform and help raise funds for our organisation to continue supporting great causes. The money raised from ticket sales and membership creations will kick-start our activities and we can’t wait to keep doing good through music. Keep an eye out for more news as it comes!

Clockwork Wolf & Co and Smoke Filled Room blew us all away with their incredible talent. You can find their pages below:

Clockwork Wolf & Co: www.facebook.com/clockworkwolfandco/
Smoke Filled Room: www.facebook.com/smokefilledroomband/

Additional gratitude to:
Straydog Pictures UK for filming the evening (video coming soon).
Georgia Walters for her sublime photography.
The Hope And Ruin for being a wonderful venue.
Everyone who has participated in our journey so far – we couldn’t be doing this without you.

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