The Musical Community Alliance C.I.C.

The Musical Community Alliance C.I.C.

The Musical Community Alliance C.I.C. is a regulated not-for-profit organisation that is focused on supporting great causes through the magic of music. As a community interest company, we strive to bring people together to identify opportunities to do good and tackle the big issues.

For instance, we want to bring a high-quality music education back into the lives of students. In the last ten years alone, the number of pupils taking Music at GCSE level has decreased by 10,000 and schools are suffering from a lack of funding in the most important areas. By supporting The Musical Community Alliance, you will help us raise awareness these systemic problems and take the necessary steps in solving them.

You can join the mission today by donating online or becoming an Ally through our monthly membership service. Our Allies are granted numerous membership benefits, such as discounts with our partnering brands, access to exclusive online content and the ability to participate in our forum.

We are hosting a launch event on Thursday the 5th of March 2020 in the heart of Brighton. Headlined by Rob Chapman’s Clockwork Wolf & Co, this gig will serve to raise funds for our cause and help kickstart our operations. Tickets are available now and members of the organisation will have a chance to bag free entry.

Get involved now and support your community. Whether you are a music therapist, play an instrument or love to attend local gigs, there’s a place for everyone at The Musical Community Alliance. Do music? Do good.





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